DesiColab is a team of experts in Design, Innovation and Co-Working based in Pune along with pool of mentors and other domain experts. We offer Design and Innovation led training services and workshops for solving business, social and organizational problems through brand new approach.

We team-up with the companies, NGOs, Educational institutes, Agencies and Government bodies to help them to rethink the problem situation and come out with seemingly unreachable solutions.

We help our clients to rethink their products, services, marketing and business models. We also help to build value added customer experiences, which is crucial to success of any organization.

We strongly believe in multidisciplinary approach and co-creation.


We are very flexible and adaptive in our approach so we can customize our methodologies to suit the requirement to ensure highly innovative and tangible results.


There is a lot of learning that we pass on to participants and client organizations while working with them using our thinking and research tools.

In collaborative work environment lot of exchange and sharing of experience, skill and knowledge happens while building on each others idea.


We love to collaborate with interesting people and organizations.

We would like to make them part of our growing community to spread design and innovation culture across India.

You can create Innovative Product, Service, Business, Startup, Social Enterprise, in order to create value for yourself , society and contribute to national development.


Mr. Santosh Khawale

B.E. (Production), M.Design (IIT Bombay, India), M.S. (Strategic Design, Politecnico di Milano, Italy)

Santosh is a Strategic Designer and Innovation Consultant focused on developing solutions for companies using strategic design approach. His professional work experience of 10+ years dwells into Industry, Academia and NGO’s.

He has worked for companies in India and Italy belonging to diverse industry domain. He has worked as a research associate in University of Bergamo and played a key role in launching a start-up company for commercialization of inventions and research outcome of the research unit. As a research associate he has developed creative problem solving and knowledge management solutions for Industries along with of methodologies for inventive technical problem solving and disruptive innovation.

Currently he is based in India and handling his responsibilities as Founder and Managing Director of INTOIT SOLUTIONS PVT. LTD. Along with that he has founded PROCLUSTER BUSINESS ASSOCIATION - a Non-Profit that has been operating in Social, Technological and Business Domain. “Sanjeevani Project” is its social initiative in India that is running in collaboration with ISF (Milan) to support distress Indian farmers and their families.

Santosh has been collaborating with various institutes and companies from India to organize various workshops and trainings in order to spread the multidisciplinary collaborative design and Innovation culture in India. Currently he focused to work on application of design thinking and innovation for creation of new start-up ideas and shaping the existing ones.


Hon. Mr. Farhad Forbes

Co-Chairman, Forbes Marshall


Mr. Mandar Kale

M. Design (IIT Bombay)

Mr. Sarvesh Chinagi

Business Design Expert

Mr. Harsh Kamble

Automotive Design Expert

Dr. P. N. Mohite

Behavioral Science Expert

Suneet Sabale

IP Expert and Executive Coach

Nitin Banait

EV Technology Expert

Rudragouda G.Patil

Education Technology Expert


Our client organizations and institutes are very happy with our work and have continued working with us after our first project assignment with them.
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We have credible national and international partners and supporters
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If you are looking forward to polish your skills, build some interesting startup ideas or shape existing ones, get in touch with us and participate in the events, workshops.

If you are a company or organization looking for talented innovators to work on your challenging project assignments we can help you. Our Workshop can offer innovative solutions to your business or organizational problems.